Tuesday, May 31, 2011


There is rarely a day that passes that I don't hear "How did you get all of that done today?" Usually, it comes from my hubby but often from my friends. First of all, I am pretty sure I have Redbull running through my veins...or atleast a higher dose of adrenaline. Or maybe it is ADD. I don't like to sit still or can rarely do so. I prefer to keep busy and sometimes...most times...it is self inflicted. I am mother of 4 children beginning the prime of life's activities so I am pretty sure my life will get busier. I am actively involved in my childrens lives which means many hours volunteering, driving and cheering them on. I also refuse to give up my life. I have loves, hobbies and interests. How does one balance the life she chooses? That is where my Secondly and Thirdly come in. Secondly, I know my limitations. My boundaries are large and can be stretched which allows more accomplishment in a day. But, don't mess with my sleep or I turn into bear. My brain cannot process on less than 9-10 hours of sleep. Thirdly, it does take skills in Time Management. I was taught this in my youth when so much was required of me. Things had to be done for the family before I could do for myself. Therefore, create systems to work more efficiently and free up time. As a mother these same principles apply. One of my secrets for freeing up time is preparing FREEZER MEALS. For the next few weeks I will be sharing some of my favorite freezer meal recipes. I did not create them. I have found them in cookbooks, from friends, on the internet, etc. I will give credit in each post if I remember where I got the recipe.

Thank you for the recipes requests. Women especially my sister in law, Kaylyn have inspired me. I now share in hopes of helping you.

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