Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spotlight: Caring for your Acrylix Stamps and Blocks

Caring for your CTMH Acrylix Stamps and Blocks is easy. These products of superior quality and are made to last. The following are handy tips on how to clean them.

You will want to clean your stamps right after you have stamped your images. Using the CTMH stamp scruber and cleaner makes this task easy.

Simply spritz a little cleaner onto the raised side of the stamp scrubber. With your stamp still on the block, gently rub your stamp over the damp scrubber. (I like to use little circular motions.) Then, rub your stamp over the dry side of the scrubber to finish. Peel off your stamp and return it to its storage sheet.

You can gently rub your empty block across the stamp scrubber (if your srubber is pretty clean) to clean and dry it, too--before storing it away for another day. CTMH offers a microfiber cloth to help dry your acrylix blocks. I recommend purchasing one of these, as it will help leave your blocks scratch-less and lint-free. Many digital cameras come standard with the same type of cloth. These are also acceptable to use.

About the stamp scrubber: It doesn't cost very much and does such a great job cleaning the stamps! Well, let me just say the purchase was so worth it. I simply remember to rinse the scrubber under warm water when it needs it--as, with use, a little build-up can occur.

Now, back to the CTMH Acrylix Stamps. Over time, they may lose a little of their sticky-ness. This is perfectly normal. When this happens, use a colander from your kitchen (don't want to lose any down the drain) and warm water and a drop of dish soap to rinse your stamps. Then, leave the stamps in the colander to air dry. After they are dry, return the stamps to their storage sheet for future use.

Occasionally your stamps may require extra care. This doesn't happen often and I will be happy to give you tips on how to do this. A quick visit to my website and you can drop me an email. I'll get back with you promptly.

I hope this helps you enjoy your CTMH Acrylix products for years and years to come!

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